Our primary goal at GSS Piling Ltd and its subsidiary Geostructural Solutions Ltd, part of the Morrisroe Group, is to have industry leading occupational health and safety performance and wellbeing – which ultimately means an injury free workplace and mentally and physically healthy workforce. To deliver this we are committed to a multifaceted strategy that targets risk awareness &management, competence, common standards of excellence, safe behaviour, wellness and continuous improvement that aims for zero accidents &incidents. At the same time engaging with our stakeholders in a collaborative and supportive manner.


Safety Objectives:

We commit to document, implement, maintain, and continually improve the effectiveness of our Health, Safety & Wellbeing Management System. We will review and set objectives as part of our annual Management Review and communicate these to staff. Health, safety and wellbeing is not to be compromised for any other objectives.


Management Commitment: The management has a continuing commitment to:

  1. Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work related injury and ill health appropriate to the purpose, size and context of our organisation, and to the specific nature of our OH&S risks and opportunities.
  2. Provide enlightened, professional and compassionate leadership with the goal of delivering the highest levels of occupational health and safety and wellbeing in our work place.
  3. Understand the implications of health &safety legislation on our work activities and to meet these requirements as a minimum standard.
  4. Assess our work processes and systems with the aim of identifying hazards to health and risks and meeting our responsibilities as an employer to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent accidents, injuries and damage to physical and mental health.
  5. Eliminate and reduce OH&S risks by ensuring suitable &sufficient controls of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities for both our employees and others affected by our activities.
  6. Provide information, supervision and training as is necessary to enable the safe performance of our work activities.
  7. Consult our workforce, and engage and participate with them, on ensuring that our working practices are appropriate & suitable and innovate to find industry leading solutions.
  8. Provide occupational health support, which will include the opportunity for project staff to attend medical screening & wellbeing clinics.
  9. Appoint competent people to assist us in meeting our statutory duties including, where appropriate specialists from outside the company.
  10. Communicate throughout the organisation the importance of good health & safety and the contents of this policy, also making all persons aware of their OH&S obligation.
  11. Ensure compliance with all relevant legal requirements, and other applicable OH&S requirements.
  12. Undertake a programme of internal and external auditing to monitor and measure processes and the effectiveness of the Safety Management System
  13. Undertake a Management Review of the Safety Policy & SMS in order to ensure its continuing suitability.


The Company’s Directors, who take responsibility for its execution and share responsibility for the implementation of this policy, endorse this statement.


Form QMS_POL32

Issue 2

Creation Date: 18/06/21

Last Review Date: Aug 2021