Quality Policy Statement

Scope and context of the organisation

GSS Piling Ltd and its subsidiary Geostructural Solutions Ltd prides itself as a centre of excellence in delivering highest quality piling and complete groundworks solutions for projects of complex basements, foundation works and formation of large structural openings in concrete and steel. Through our team of highly experienced and competent personnel, our expertise includes structural jacking and lifting, moving buildings and design of piles. We have established a range of products and services that ensure we are able to be a one-stop shop for all our clients. We strive to continually improve to meet client requirements with regard to all aspects of the project including economy, programme, other trades, temporary works and above all, health & safety. The Scope of our management system is associated with core operations and includes our head office in Hertford and plant yard located in Radlett.

We strive for excellence in the quality of our product. Irrespective of the project size or nature of works, our approach is the same. We research the most efficient solutions, minimise the programme and cost, then commit to deliver the product to our client on time.


The scope of our quality management system includes:

GSS Piling & Morrisroe Piling brands: The design and installation of piles using various techniques including in restricted access situations.

Geostructural Solutions brand:  Design of temporary works and provision of structural works above and below ground level including piling, underpinning, temporary support, and reinforced concrete works.

Policy Statement

  • This policy provides a framework for setting quality objectives.
  • Our aim is to profitably supply products and services that meet statutory, regulatory - compliance and other applicable requirements, including meeting all customer expectations.
  • We maximise business opportunities where possible, whilst identifying risk of internal and external factors associated with our sector.
  • We are highly committed to continually improving and enhancing our quality performance through our team of employees, external providers and management system standards. This will be achieved through our objectives and targets created to ensure intended outcomes are met.
  • Opportunities to gain knowledge and training will be provided as appropriate, to ensure safety and quality assurance of work and operational development throughout the organisation is maintained.
  • This Policy Statement is communicated to all personnel within the organisation and is reviewed at regular intervals.

All staff are aware of their responsibilities within our management system standard and are committed to its future success. The company supports the appropriate training to ensure the required skills are to the levels expected. This policy will be available to our external interested parties where appropriate.


Form QMS04

Issue 11

Creation Date: 01/07/21

Last Review Date: March 2022